Onna-son Sightseeing & Activities

Onna-son Village Okinawa offers up an overabundance of sightseeing locations and activities to meet the needs of anyone traveling to this beautiful location, in the Central part of the main Okinawa Island. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with the wide rage of activities offered at the many resort hotels located along the beautiful coast line overlooking the East China Sea, then taking a tour to see some of the wonderful places not far away is great option. Maeda point with its famous “blue cave” and crystal clear ocean is renowned with SCUBA Divers all over the world, then there is the landmark Manzamo with its unmistakable elephant shaped Ryukyu limestone cliff. For a taste of Okinawa culture near the nearby Ryukyu Mura is a fun day trip for the whole family or book a tour to Onna Glass Studio to try your hand making some real Ryukyu glass.

kenminnomori forest park okinawa japan onna-son Kenmin no mori - Forest park
popular place in the spring for cherry blossom (sakura) viewing when many of the trees explode into pink clouds. The rest of the year the hiking trails supporting small hills and babbling steams making for a nice few hours of walking in the woods. For the children this park...
maedamisaki point onna-son okinawa japan Maeda (Misaki) Point
One of the most popular SCUBA diving spots in Okinawa. attracting divers and snorkelers to its famous “blue cave” all throughout the year. Boats are not necessary to see some of the best parts of Maeda point. Easy shore diving is possible because of the...
ryukyu mura onna okinawa japan Ryukyu Mura
Like stepping into a time machine, Ryukyu Mura is a recreation of what life would have been like in the ancient Ryukyu kingdom we now call Okinawa. This historical village was created over a quarter century ago in an effort to keep the distinctive traditions and culture of Okinawa alive...
onna glass studio okinawa japan travel guide Onna Glass Studio
Colorful Ryukyu glass is one of those must have souvenirs when visiting Okinawa, and Onna Glass Studio has just about any type of glass you would like. Set up as a small glass blowing factory with an attached gift store, Onna Glass Studio produces hundreds of masterfully created Ryukyu glass pieces every day...
mazamo okinawa japan sightseeing Manzamo
this is a must see place while on the Okinawa main island. “Man” means 10,000 in Japanese and when the Ryukyu king Sho Kei visited the cliff in the 18th century he commented the field was so large 10,000 people could sit together, the name Manzamo has...


North Okinawa Tours

 JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Northern Okinawa Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Nakijin-jo Castle World Heritage Bus Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Cape Manza, Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Nakijin-jo Castle, Nago Pineapple Park. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Marine Walk from Nago (Departs at 9:00 am)
Enjoy walking underwater through Okinawa's clear ocean by simply putting on a special helmet which draws air from the surface, you can breathe normally even while underwater and explore Okinawa's beautiful coral reefs.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Jet Skiing, Banana Boat & Super Mable Tour
Enjoy all 3 of these thrilling marine sports out on the open water. 
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Miyako Islands Hotels & Resorts

 Location  Rating  Hotel Name
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Atoll Emerald Miyakojima
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Miyakojima Tokyu Resort 
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Breeze Bay Marina 
 Miyako Is. 5 star hotel Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA