Ocean View Restaurant, Casa La Tida

Summer vacation has just started in Japan.  Under the clear weather, many people are coming to Okinawa and enjoy driving through the islands.  You might be wondering where you should eat.  For such Okinawan tourists, I would like to introduce some good restaurants!


The restaurant I picked out this time is “Casa la Tida,  where you can enjoy cobalt blue ocean views of Onna Village, known as “Mediterranean Sea in Okinawa” and Mediterranean Sea style cuisine prepared using fresh ingredients of Okinawa, the land of longevity.  “Casa” means “house” in Spanish and “Tida” means “the sun” in Okinawa dialect.  So the meaning of this place is “House of the Sun.”  

casa la tida, restaurant in okinawa  okinawa restaurant

The restaurant covered with lush greenery under the sunlight gives us a warm welcome worthy of name.  

casa la tida  casa la tida, restaurant okinawa

Casa la Tida offers a wider selection of wine from Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and more.  

casa la tida, ocean view restaurant  casa la tida, ocean view restaurant

Excellent location where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at East China Sea and superb meals at the terrace! 

casa la tida, bar in okinawa


Chic bar where you can enjoy jazz and bossa nova!  

casa lat tida, lunch menue  casa la tida, lunch and dessert


Today I would like to introduce “Casa la LUNCH BOX,” which they serve only 20 per day.  

*Menu items vary from day to day.


Rice, Soup, Fish (Fried Makubu Okinawa high-grade fish with tartar sauce), Meat (Hamburger Steak), Tuna Carpaccio, Casa la Original Pasta served cold with kelp and tacos flavored dressing, Dessert (Custard Cake) and drink.  


This variety of tasty food with beautiful location costs you only 1,000yen.


They offer other excellent food menus for lunch time and dinner time.  Please refer to the website. (Only Japanese website is available, but English menu is available at the restaurant.) 


We have a service of Internet by wireless LAN “Free Spot” by optical communication.  You could check your e-mails and surf the net for your business and sightseeing during your stay.  


Mediterranean Sea style cuisine using Okinawan ingredient in the beautiful tropical resort…. You could enjoy wonderful tastes of these two areas.  Casa la Tida fully satisfies you!


You could view the beautiful scenery around Casa la Tida.  Please click onto the link below.    




Casa la Tida  
1329-2 Nakadomari, Onna Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa

TEL: 098-982-5858 (Please ask your Japanese friend to communicate with the staff.)


Business Hours: 

Lunch Time 11:30 to 15:00

Dinner Time 17:30 to 24:00 (Last Order 23:00)

Bar 19:00 to 24:00

Parking Area: For 40 cars

Closed on December 31 and January 1

We accept credit cards: JCB, VISA, Master Card, DC, UFJ, Diners Club, American Express, UC. 


Kumiko Teruya is a profesional Japanese / English Tour Guide in Okinawa Japan 

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