Naha Airport, Okinawa Airport ( OKA / ROAH)

Naha Airport (sometimes called Okinawa Airport) is the largest airport in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan and the central hub for flights going to other Okinawa Islands. The Airport consists of the Main Terminal that handles all domestic flights arriving and departing and a separate International Terminal. The walk between the two terminals is only 100 meters.

Naha Airport was fully upgraded in 1999, so it is a newer facility that features many amenities such as restaurants, duty free shops, souvenir shops, kid’s corner, massage booth, and a game center. The design of the terminal of course fits into the tropical feeling of Okinawa and consists of many subtropical plants, flowers, and even fish tanks that highlight some of the creatures found in the beautiful ocean surrounding the Okinawan Islands.

Accessing the airport has never been easier, since the Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui Rail) was completed in 2003. Also servicing Naha Airport are shuttle busses/Airport Limousine Bus for many of the resort hotels on the main island, car rental agencies, and taxi cab stands located outside the 1st floor exit of the domestic terminal.



Domestic Flight Arrival Procedures

Airplanes dock at the 2nd floor of the Main Terminal of Naha Airport. After disembarking from the aircraft passengers follow a path that leads them down to the 1st floor where baggage can be claimed and arrival gates A and B are located.


naha airport 1st floor arrivals domestice flights to okinawa japan


Domestic Flight Departure Procedures


E-tickets / Boarding passes

If in possession of E-tickets travelers should first go to the ticket of counters of their respective airline on the 3rd floor to exchange their E-tickets for boarding passes. Baggage Check-in procedures are also completed at the same time.

Security check / Boarding

After receiving boarding passes proceed to the 2nd floor departure area. After entering one of the two departure gates, there is an X-ray inspection of carry-on baggage and passengers are asked to step through a metal detector, then they may proceed to aircraft and board.


naha airport 2nd floor departures, flights from okinawa japan ryukyu islands



naha airport 3rd floor ticket lobby, baggage check-in security japanese airports okinawa flights


International Flight Arrival Procedures


Health Questionnaire

Passengers arriving on flights from South East Asia and other designated countries need submit a questionnaire on health.


Before disembarkation, passengers not in possession of a Japanese passport must fill all required fields on an Entry Card and show their passport to immigration officials. As of November 2007 all non Japanese Citizens entering Japan at any of the countries 23 international airports must also be fingerprinted and have photographs of their face taken.

Baggage Claim

Baggage claim is located after the immigration counter. Check the electronic notice board for the turnstile responsible for dispensing luggage related to your flight number.


1) If nothing to declare, proceed to the green inspection counter. You will be asked to show your passport and will be asked a few question related to destination and purpose of visit by an inspector.

2) If in possession of articles exceeding the extent of tax exemption, proceed to the inspection counter with a red lamp on and submit a completed custom declaration form.


naha airport international terminal flights to okinwa from chana, taiwain, asia: immigration , customs



International Flights Departure Procedures



Proceed to respective airline counter at the Naha International Airport Terminal and present airline ticket and passport. X-ray of Check-in of baggage will be done at the same time

Security check

After entering the departure gate passengers must go through a security check where carry on baggage is X-rayed and personal body checks by metal detectors are carried out.


After the Security check, passengers not in possession of a Japanese passport must present their passport, completed embarkation/entry and boarding pass to Japanese immigration officials.


Airlines Servicing Naha Airport Main terminal – Japan Domestic flights

ANA (All Nippon Airways) – Haneda (Tokyo), Itami, Kansai, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya (Chubu), Niigata, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Ishigaki, Miyako,

JAL (Japan Airlines) - Haneda (Tokyo), Itami, Kansai, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya (Chubu),

JTA (Japan Transocean Air) - Haneda (Tokyo), Kansai, Kobe, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Komatsu, Okayama, Takamatsu, Matsuyama, Kochi, Kitakyusyu, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima

RAC (Ryukyu Air Commuter) – Amami, Kumejima, Yoron, Minami Daitou, Kita Daitou, Aguni, Yonaguni

Skymark Airlines – Haneda (Tokyo)



Airlines Servicing Naha Airport International terminal

China Airline – Taipei Taiwan *daily
Hong Kong Express Airways - Hong Kong *daily
Asiana Airline - Seoul Korea
China Eastern Airline - Shang Hai


Transportation to / from Airport


Okinawa Urban Monorail (Yui Rail)

Taxi times & rates to / from Naha Airport

Naha Airport limousine bus schedules / prices

Car rental 


In case of typhoon

Weather in Okinawa can be hectic at times with many typhoons coming to the Ryukyu Islands. Most typhoons occur during July, August, and September. Typhoons can be very powerful and destructive.

If traveling to Okinawa and there is a typhoon occurring on or near the day you are scheduled to depart from Naha Airport there are some important things to know in order to make sure you don’t miss your flight and so on. Here are so Fequently asked questions on how to deal with things if in a typhoon situation.


Departing From Okinawa During a Typhoon

Q: I heard there is a typhoon coming to Okinawa what is the first thing I should do?

A: Ask the staff at your hotel for advice they quite often know what to do and what is going on. It is also a good idea to call the travel agent you bought your ticket from to find out the policy regarding typhoon and the airline you are dealing with.

Q: Do the domestic airlines departing from Naha airport have English websites with delay and cancellation schedules online?

A: Yes, Many of the airlines departing from Naha Airport have English language websites that list departure cancellation and delay schedules. If you have internet access at your hotel or else where, we recommend checking there first.

Q: I’ve checked the web site of my airline and it says my flight is canceled what should I do?

A: Go to the airport and get a waiting list number from the airline counter. This will help you get on the next available flight when service resumes.

Q: Should I book a hotel room for an extra night?

A: Depending on the situation, and severity of the typhoon booking a room may be a good idea to make sure you have somewhere to sleep for the night. Many hotels understand the circumstances surrounding traveling during a typhoon and will be ok if the reservation is canceled if the flight does end up leaving as long as you call them before departing. It is still recommended to go to the airport to check directly with the ticket counter no matter what.

Q: My flight is definitely canceled and I can’t find a hotel room for the night what should I do?

A: The tourist information counter (098-857-6884) at Naha Airport will be able to recommend a list of hotels to contact and will be more than happy to help. If something happens and they are not available contact the Okinawa Convention Bureau (098-589-6123) who will be able to point you towards an available room for the night.

Traveling to Okinawa During a Typhoon

Q: I’m preparing to fly to Okinawa tomorrow and I heard there is a Typhoon about to hit the island, what should I do?

A: It’s a good idea to contact your travel agent as they might know what is going on before the airline website posts it. During a typhoon if you cancel your ticket with a Japanese travel agent you will receive a 100% refund if the flight has been canceled.

Q: The agent said the flight is not canceled but the news says there is a typhoon coming, Should I go to the airport?

A: Yes, go to the counter at the airport ask and them there. If the flight is delayed they will give you a number for a waiting list. If you don’t go to the airport and the flight departs your ticket will be void and you will not get a refund.

Q: If I cancel my ticket because I heard a typhoon is coming but the agent said the flight is not canceled will I get a refund?

A: That depends on the policy of the agent you bought your ticket from, please ask them. If you hear a typhoon might delay you flight to or from Naha Airport

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