Miyako-jima Island, Okinawa Japan

Miyako-jima Island (宮古島), Okinawa Japan


Miyako-jima has a long history with a distinct culture influenced from many different places in Asia, as it is also only 400 km east of Taipei, Taiwan. The Miyako language, one of several Ryukyu languages, is still spoken in the island and there are many unique festivals and rituals that happen annually.

The climate of Miyako-jima is considered subtropical like all of Okinawa with an average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade. Miyako-jima is one of Okinawa Prefecture's main islands because it is flat like a low plateau and much of the arable land is used for one of Okinawa’s main crops, sugarcane fields

Miyakojima is well-known for its beauty drawing many visitors to the Island each year to visit the white sandy beaches, emerald green and cobalt blue sea, wonderful nature, and top rate SCUBA diving spots at the islands many coral reefs.


Transportation to / from Miyako-jima Island

The only airport to service the Miyako Islands is Miyako Airport (MMY). It is a great little airport with daily flights from various airlines and airports in Japan.

The Port of Hirara is located on the northwest coast of Miyako Island. Surrounded by Ikema Island and Cape Nishihenna to the north, Irabu Island to the west, and large barrier reef to the southwest, the Port of Hirara is a good harbor with some of the best natural conditions on Miyako Island....

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Miyako-jima Island Map / Access

miyako-jima okinawa japan map

Haneda (Tokyo) Airport (HND) ↔ Miyakojima
Travel time: 3 hours 15 min.
Airlines: JTA, ANK

Naha Airport (OKA) ↔ Miyakojima Airport
Travel time: 1 hour.
Airlines: JTA, ANK

Ishigakijima Airport (ISG) ↔Miyakojima
Travel time: 30 min.
Airlines: JTA

Taramajima Airport (TRA) ↔ Miyakojima
Travel time: 25min.
Airlines: RAC


Sightseeing & Activities On Miyako-jima

German Culture Village Ueno
Miyako Traditional Crafts Research Center
Shimajiri Mangroves
Higashi Henna Promontory
Miyakojima Awamori-brewery
Yamatoga Well
Hirara City Tropical Plant Garden
Miyako Paradise
Yukishio Salt Factory

kurima bridge miyakojima sightseeing and activities

Festivlas & Events on Miyako-jima

Miyako Island Beach Volleyball Tournament
Orion Beer Festival
Miyako Island Wide 100km Marathon
Shimajiri Pantu
Beach Opening Festival
Strongman All Japan Triathlon

Festivals and Events on Miyako-jima Okinawa Japan


Beaches on Miyako-jima, Okinawa Japan

Yonaha Maehama Beach Maibama Beach Miyakojima Okinawa Japan

Yonaha Maehama Beach (Maibama Beach)
this maybe the perfect beach! Yonaha Marhama Beach, sometimes called Maibama Beach by the locals has it all; 7km of white sandy beach, deep blue ocean, subtropical trees, and a wide variety of marine sports. Oh! Did we also mention ....

Sunayama Beach miyakojima okinawa japan

Sunayama Beach
The symbol of Sunayama Beach is its arch shaped rock formed by centuries of crashing waves cutting a natural gate into the coral wall. This arch is know by many all over Okinawa and Japan and tends to be the image most recognized when someone mentions...

Boraga Beach miyako island okinawa island beaches

Boraga Beach
swimming pool located right next to its sandy shores. The pool is filled with fresh natural spring water and is said to help rejuvenate. Boragā Beach also is popular with marine sports enthusiasts that come....


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Miyako Islands Hotels & Resorts

 Location  Rating  Hotel Name
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Atoll Emerald Miyakojima
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Miyakojima Tokyu Resort 
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Breeze Bay Marina 
 Miyako Is. 5 star hotel Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA