Okinawa Beach Guide

Okinawa Japan Beach Guide

What is one of the most attractive features for travelers to Okinawa? It's the beaches of course!

Okinawa offers a huge variety of beaches and recreation centers to kick back and relax. On Okinawa you're never more than a stone's throw from any beach. Okinawa's beaches are mostly sandy with gentle slopes and shallow shores.

The islands of Okinawa also known as the Ryukyu Islands are covered with beaches that range from large resort beaches to private or public beaches perfect for that BBQ or beach party. Some beaches on Okinawa also feature a rare type of "star sand". Out of the many beaches on Okinawa some are rather popular and easy to find, and others are secluded and hard to reach but many have sandy white shores and sparkling clear waters.

Here is a list and directions to many of the choice beaches Okinawa has to offer.


North Okinawa Beaches

Minna-jima Island

Emerald Beach

Yagaji Beach

Okuma Beach

Sun Marina Hotel Beach

Renaissance Beach

Fuchaku Beach

Moon Beach


Central Okinawa Beaches


Araha park Beach

Ginowan tropical Beach

Maeda Beach

Zampa Beach

Sunset beach, Mihama


 South Okinawa Beaches

Bibi Beach

Odo Coast (John Man) Beach

Nashiro Beach

Naminoue Beach

Mibaru Beach

Azama Sunsun Beach


 Yaeyama Islands Beaches

Fusaki Beach

Sukuji Beach

Ishigaki Sunset Beach

Yonehara Beach

Maezato Beach

Haemida Beach

Hoshisuna Beach

Tsukigahama Beach

Miyako Islands Beaches

Yonaha Maehama Beach (Maibama Beach)

Sunayama Beach

Boraga Beach

Sawada Beach

Toguchinohama Beach 

Nakanoshima Beach


Kerama Islands Beaches

Eef Beach

Arahama Beach

Shinrihama Beach

Hateno Hama